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The BETTERFLOW rear wing-system

The large box-like structure and the high, wide front of the semi-trucks are a tremendous target for the air. The air turbulences being produced at the rear act almost like a braking parachute. The resulting air vortices at the rear act almost like a brake parachute. When the truck accelerates, air resistance increases exponentially. However, optimised aerodynamics of the semi-trailer truck work against this effect, reducing fuel consumption and thus also CO₂ emissions.


This is exactly where the BETTERFLOW Rear-Wing System comes in. The fully automatic system opens at a speed of 60 km/h without driver intervention. It reduces the under-pressure generated by air turbulences at the rear and thus improves the aerodynamic properties of the trailer. The drag coefficient (cD-value) is reduced by about 9%.

Installation and connection on rear door

The Rear-Wing system can be installed quickly and easily to the rear of almost any Schmitz Cargobull or Krone cool trailer. Two garage workers can install the Rear-Wing System within two hours.

  1. Rear preparation

The requirements for mounting the BETTERFLOW Rear-Wing system are very low. Only small adjustments to buffers and the rain guard as well as connections for electricity are necessary. Everything else, e.g. hinges or locking rods, remain in series condition. The rear preparation takes place either directly after the trailer production at the series manufacturer, at a service provider nearby or in your own garage.


  1. Wing assembly

The installation kit included in the scope of delivery contains all parts required for the installation.. Holes are drilled in the doors and provided with special dowels. In these screw points the pre-assembled system is aligned with insulating screws and fixed (theft-protected).


  1. Connection to power

In the pre-series phase, the system is supplied with power via the tractor. For the series (from autumn 2019) a supply of the BETTERFLOW Rear-Wing System via solar panels and battery packs is planned. Initially the solar panels will be mounted on the roof, in future they will be integrated into the wing shells. The wings produce their own electricity and a  connection to the on-board electronics of the tractor or the trailer is generally not necessary.


  1. Covers for technology and media area

Finally, the covers and the media surface are fastened – this will hide the technical components and allows an advertising statement to be made.

Loading and unloading

The portal doors can be folded almost completely. For this purpose, the BETTERFLOW Rear-Wing System is designed to be particularly flat and fixed in the middle of the trailer. During the loading and unloading process, the wing system is protected between the door and the trailer side wall and thus guarantees the usual access to the loading space as well as simple and clear docking even in narrow loading portals.

Automatic opening and closing

While driving, the Rear-Wing System opens at 60 km/h and closes automatically when the vehicle drops below 55 km/h. An integrated GPS system sends location positions to a control unit, which is responsible for the opening and closing mechanism, independent from tractor, trailer, driver and weather situation. In the series version, continuous winter operation will be possible. In the pre-series phase, the system closes automatically at temperatures below 3°C.

All moving parts are mounted on rotating bearings. This ensures a maximum of mobility and functional reliability under toughest conditions such as sand, dust, salt or ice. The wings lock into a fixed position and are held above a dead centre when opened and closed.



The entire system was developed in such a way that it can withstand the tough conditions of everyday use. When the vehicle is standing, the closed wing system lies flat against the rear of the trailer. The stable side wings and additional covers reliably protect the moving parts of the system during railway or ferry operations. Cleaning in automatic washing systems is also possible without any problems. The system checks itself for complete functionality and confirms this with integrated light-emitting diodes.


Eye-catching advertising space at the rear

The advertising potential of opening and closing wings at the rear of a trailer is unique. A good idea and a suitable design turn your trailer rear into an ideal advertising space. The advertising message is effectively perceived thousands of times every day. The positive image of the BETTERFLOW idea is transferred to your company and your products.


For you as the operator, this is a unique opportunity. The media area between the wings is extremely easy to exchange and can be designed in many eye-catching ways. You also have the option of using the space for your own advertising or renting it out to third parties. So far, the European motorways are almost free of advertising. This is one of the reasons why truck advertising is perceived as extremely striking, sympathetic, innovative and unobtrusive. Even scientific studies prove this. According to a DMD/GfK studies, truck advertising achieves a particularly high recall value of over 84%. Use your advantage.

Safety and security

Contour marking and back lighting:

A trailer with the BETTERFLOW Rear-Wing System complies with current regulations and the trailer is optimally recognised in the dark thanks to additional contour markings – both in open and closed mode.


Rear under-run protection:

The “Soft Wing” designed by BETTERFLOW protects and preserves all road users below the prescribed minimum height of 2 m above the road. The lower section of the wing system consists of a soft and flexible material.


Current approval situation of the Rear-Wing System in the EU:

The most important European regulations that are relevant for the European approval and cross-border operation of the Rear-Wing System are currently being revised by the EU Commission. They will come into force in 2019. Until then, BETTERFLOW will organise a special permit for semi-trailers with a Rear-Wing System in close cooperation with the trailer OEMs and the German and European approval authorities and offices.


Length and operation:

BETTERFLOW consistently pursued the automatic operation of the system right from the start. The guiding principle: The system is open when it is supposed to work and closed when it must not disturb. This ensures that the system is always effective and there is no risk of damage during manoeuvering.

BETTERFLOW Heckflügel-System

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