The future starts now!

BETTERFLOW regards the semi-trailer truck as an integrated aerodynamic system and supplies products with which you can achieve a head start in efficiency and, as an innovation leader, already use the advantages of the future today.


Put the brakes on costs. Betterflow products save your money by improving the aerodynamics of your trucks. You'll be surprised at how much fuel you save.


Flexible, robust and safe. Our systems are designed for many types of trailers. Betterflow works with optimised aerodynamics requiring only little space. Everyday tasks are not influenced.


Politicians and the public increasingly expect today's shippers and logistics companies to reduce CO₂ emissions. We help you to fulfil your mission and to live the environmental spirit.


Innovation and progress. With Betterflow's systems, you are heading into a new future of the commercial vehicle industry. Become a pioneer for an efficient and environmentally friendly mobility.

Truck and Save

Save fuel with innovative technology!

A semitrailer truck needs a third of its diesel consumption to overcome its own air resistance. This is where BETTERFLOW comes in and optimises the aerodynamics of trailers to reduce the overall diesel consumption. You save fuel cost and reduce your CO₂ emissions at the same time.


With the CONSEMS simulation software we offer you the possibility to determine the savings potential of your fleet and to create a sound basis for your investment decisions.


After all, aerodynamic components offer the greatest savings potential regardless of other technological developments. Our innovative products achieve the best effect as customized aero-packages, adapted to your individual driving tasks and needs.

This means aero-components at the trailer front, on the sides and below the trailer. However, the greatest turbulences are generated at the rear. That is why the BETTERFLOW Rear-Wing System is the central element. And the future offers even more aerodynamic possibilities. 

BETTERFLOW pilot test

The Lean and Green Event is the starting signal for the big BETTERFLOW pilot test.

3 million kilometres are ahead of the test fleet.


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