Improving your fleet balance by aerodynamics by aerodynamics Improving your fleet balance

Save when driving

BETTERFLOW’s innovative products have one goal: To optimise the aerodynamics of the semitrailer tractor to reduce fuel consumption and thus reduce costs. The reduced CO₂ emissions of your fleet also improve your image. Our patented products are environmentally friendly technologies which can be adjusted to your individually trailer or driving tasks. They achieve the best effect together as the BETTERFLOW aero package – the perfect combination of effectiveness and practicability.

Rear wing-system

Automatic Rear-Wing System for the optimization of fuel efficiency and CO₂ output of your fleet. We reduce your cD-value by approx. 9%.


Various components that work together form an aerodynamic configuration, which is optimised for your semi-trucks and your driving tasks.


Free efficiency consulting - the fuel consumption depends on many factors; the possibilities to save fuel as well. We will show you your savings potential.

Product Presentations on site

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