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BETTERFLOW improves the aerodynamic behaviour of semitrucks. The patented Rear-Wing System decisively optimises the air resistance; the cDvalue is thus reduced by approx. 9%. The worldwide unique wing system opens automatically as soon as the truck reaches 60 km/h while driving. This changes the air flow at the rear of the trailer. The vehicle can move forward more easily, fuel consumption is reduced and, as a result, the costs for companies are also reduced.


With additional streamlined add-ons, BETTERFLOW further reduces air resistance and thus exploits the entire aerodynamic potential of the trucks. The CONSEMS (Consumption Emission Simulation) tool from BETTERFLOW precisely calculates the fuel consumption of your fleet and at the same time shows your savings potential and economically reasonable measures for improvement.


More than ten BETTERFLOW employees at the company headquarters in Aachen have been perfecting this environmentally friendly innovation for about six years. Dr. Rainer Buffo and Ingo Martin came up with the idea for the effective wing system while they were studying aerospace engineering at RWTH Aachen University. The two engineers were looking for a practicable solution for sustainable, environmentally friendly mobility.


After years of invention and research, they developed BETTERFLOW, a well-engineered product that operates reliably and maintenance-free. The trend-setting Rear-Wing System reduces the expenses of logistics companies, decreases emissions and thus protects the environment – all in line with the inventors’ intentions.

Learn more about milestones in BETTERFLOW’s story

25 MARCH 2011

Foundation of AIRNMOTION GmbH

AIRNMOTION GmbH is founded with the aim of reducing the fuel consumption of commercial vehicles with optimised aerodynamics.


Foundation of BETTERFLOW GmbH

BETTERFLOW GmbH is founded for the marketing and distribution of AIRNMOTION products.

1ST MARCH 2015

Dimensions of truck

The European Parliament adopts new regulations for the dimensions of trucks. Only then the aerodynamic properties can be improved.


Test drives with the IKA

The Institute for Motor Vehicles Aachen (ika – Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge RWTH Aachen) tests the BETTERFLOW rear wing system on a circuit in Aldenhoven.


SSK patent granted

AIRNMOTION receives the patent EP2765064B1 for the swivel-slide kinematics.


BETTERFLOW functional model

BETTERFLOW presents the functional model for the first time at the IAA Commercial Vehicles.

27 OCTOBER 2016


AIRNMOTION GmbH and BETTERFLOW GmbH are merging. The bundled aerodynamics competence now has a common name: BETTERFLOW.

10 NOVEMBER 2017

Future Congress Commercial Vehicles 2017

BETTERFLOW takes part in the Future Congress Commercial Vehicles 2017 in Berlin. Topics include VECTO, solutions for reducing the fuel consumption of semitrucks and CO₂ trailer regulations.


1ST MAY 2018

CONSEMS launches

With CONSEMS, BETTERFLOW develops its own simulation tool. CONSEMS determines the savings for individual driving profiles.


JUNE 2018

Constant Speed Test with the DEKRA/IAV

At the Lausitzring near Klettwitz, DEKRA/IAV is testing a trailer equipped with the BETTERFLOW Rear-Wing System and other aerodynamic components. The DEKRA/IAV results confirm the calculations of the BETTERFLOW engineers and confirm the saving potential.

August 2018

BETTERFLOW to support TUM in the 'Truck 2030' project

In the project “Truck 2030” the TUM University is working on an economical and climate-friendly vehicle solution of future long-distance road haulage, based on transport scenarios in 2030. With partners from industry and science, the TUM considers approaches in fields of lightweight construction, energy recovery and aerodynamics. As official project supporter, the rear of the Truck 2030 is based on our patented rear-wing system. More proof of BETTERFLOW pioneering aerodynamic optimization of semi-trailers.

The Team

Our team bundles comprehensive knowledge in the fields of engineering, design, aerospace, sales and marketing. The team’s development work covers optimisation technologies in the fields of fluid mechanics and control engineering.

Dr.-Ing. Rainer Buffo

aerodynamics, simulation and product development

Dipl. Ing. Ingo Martin

aerodynamics, simulation and product development

Dirk Sieprath

marketing, communication and sales

Mohammad Musleh

business & testing


We are not only responsible for ourselves, but also for our environment and future generations. This applies to private individuals as well as to companies. A principle of economic action is the economical use of financial resources and the careful handling of production factors.
The public is increasingly interested in the sustainable use of resources and the socially or ecologically exemplary behaviour of companies. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an indicator for the sustainable development of society and the economy.

BETTERFLOW is GS1 Germany Solution Partner and member of the GS1 initiative Lean and Green.

The participating companies have agreed to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases and in particular CO₂ in the logistics processes by 20% within five years. BETTERFLOW’s aerodynamically optimised products, which reduce diesel consumption and thus also CO₂ emissions, are a good way of doing this.