Impressions from the IAA Commercial Vehicles Trade Show 2018

In 2018, BETTERFLOW has taken part for the third time in the IAA Commercial Vehicles Trade Show in Hanover. And it was a great success! In more than 300 conversations with visitors from Europe, Asia, America and Australia we were happy to draw the following conclusion:

The topic “aerodynamics” has finally arrived in the industry. Doubts that still existed at the IAA 2016 have turned into open-mindedness and strong demand.

This positive development was particularly noticeable among many associations, political institutions and – above all – among the important commercial vehicle OEMs which started negotiations on potential partnerships already at the trade show. The communication with innovation departments of the largest European logistics providers such as Waberer, DHL, Ewals or PrimaFrio was particularly valuable for us. They were highly interested not only in BETTERFLOW products but also in participating in our pilot tests scheduled to start in May 2019.

For us this is a great incentive to further promote our vision until the next IAA. In view of the current developments of the CO2 legislation and the increasing Diesel prices the topic “Aerodynamics in the commercial vehicle industry” will have an increasing focus of attention most probably already on the IAA 2020.

Get an impression on the IAA Commercial Vehicles Trade Show 2018 and our exhibition booth in this video.