Both road haulage and fuel prices will continue to rise in the future. You can avoid cost increases from the very first kilometre, by using improved aerodynamics. You will be surprised how much fuel you can save.

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The rear-wing system is flexible, highly resilient and safe. Designed for many trailer types, BETTERFLOW functions with optimized aerodynamics in the smallest of spaces. The wing system lies perfectly flat against the rear doors during loading and unloading and yet guarantees the usual access to the hold of the trailer.

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and eco-friendly

Suppliers and logistics companies are more and more aware of their duty to sustain their targets for reduction of CO2 emissions. The Paris climate conference in 2015 made clear once again that everybody must take responsibility now. We therefore support you to meet this challenge and to promote environmental thinking.

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Experience the BETTERFLOW story and learn how the fully automatic rear-wing system helps you to be always one step ahead ... It’s your chance to get a headstart!


Our impressions of the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016.

BETTERFLOW in practice - a profitable investment!

The technological lead of BETTERFLOW will be an economic advantage for many companies of the transport industry but not necessarily for all of them, as the consumption of the semitrailers and the real economic savings of the rear-wing system depend on numerous influencing factors.


It is therefore not possible to make a general savings commitment.

Our approach: together with you we will analyse your driving task in order to find out your individual savings potential with BETTERFLOW.

Our objective: maximum transparency and a continuing collaborative cooperation which will help you to better master your task.

The specific procedure: by means of our practically approved simulation tool we check your routes and determine you fuel consumption. In doing so, we can calculate your BETTERFLOW potential under consideration of all relevant influencing factors. We will tell you if and why BETTERFLOW is good for your business.

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Reasearch and Development - we carry on

Wind tunnel tests and CFD calculations show that the air resistance caused by air turbulences at the rear of a semitrailer represents a large part of the fuel consumption.  As a result, the largest savings potential is to improve aerodynamics exactly there. Many surveys and road tests show a significantly better behaviour of the air flows when using rear wings, as the vacuum at the rear of the vehicle is significantly reduced. When using the BETTERFLOW rear-wing system, the CW-value of a semitrailer is reduced by approx. 10 percent.

The SSK swivelling and sliding kinematics on the wings, designed and patented by BETTERFLOW engineers, are aerodynamically efficient and, at the same time, really practicable. Further optimization possibilities are currently in development.

We see ourselves as a partner for forwarders and carriers. If you would like to benefit from the experience of our engineers and if would like to optimize your fleet, sometimes only at reasonable expense, please arrange a free consultation appointment with Mr. Rainer Buffo.


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- 12.10.2016

At this year's IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover Betterflow introduced the rear-wing system for the first time and attracted great interest.

- 14.08.2016:

In a letter to European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, 19 global brands call for fuel efficiency standards for heavy-goods vehicles in Europe.

- 01.03.2016:

The first BETTERFLOW trailer with fully functional system is extensively tested while cruising on German roads.Roadmovie

- 10.11.2015:

BETTERFLOW will exhibit at Solutrans in Lyon – from 17.-21. Nov. 2015 in hall 4, booth N123.

- 07.09.2015:
Here is a short film out of the BETTERFLOW Showroom revealing first images of the fully automated Rear-Wing-System: Sneak Preview out of the BETTERFLOW Showroom

- 17.08.2015:
BETTERFLOW opens its Show-Room in Aachen and warmly invites you..

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